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Jan Sweeney sculpture is instantly recognisable; full of energy and movement, with strong texture and trademark hollow eyes.

"I always work from life taking the modelling wax to the subject, even in the Zambezi valley, to create an African wildlife sculpture. I am inspired by watching animals in their natural habitat, especially in the untouched wilderness which is still to be found in Africa. There, the unwary die, so even when an animal is at rest it is ready to flee. It is this untamed strength and power; always ready to explode into movement, that I want to express in my sculpture."

I first went to Zimbabwe in 1990 for a holiday, left my clothes behind saying I will be back. In 1991 I returned with the intention to make wildlife sculpture. From this point on I learnt to work in wax to make moulds and to cast bronze sculpture. My first foundry was on a friend's farm with my African worker Killion to assist me".

Jan Sweeney sculpture is cast in 'hot' bronze and is virtually indestructible - a family heirloom to be passed down the generations.

Bronze sculpture is stunning in a garden or patio setting, or is equally suitable for the house.

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